(AMP™) Achievement Motivation Profile™

by Jotham Friedland, PhD, Harvey Mandel, PhD, et al.

(AMP™) Achievement Motivation Profile™

by Jotham Friedland, PhD, Harvey Mandel, PhD, et al.
Benefits Identifies personal factors that affect academic performance and provides specific recommendations for improvement
Ages 10 to 14 years for AMP Junior; 14 years and up for High School and College Form
Admin time 20-30 minutes
Format Self-report
Norms High School and College Form was standardized on a sample of more than 1,700 students; Junior Form was normed on a sample of nearly 1,400 students in 5th through 8th grades
Publish Date 1996
Qualifications Level B required.
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About This Product

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Here’s an ideal way to evaluate underachieving or unmotivated students. The AMP tells you why students are underachieving and how to help them change.

The test includes two forms: High School/College and Grades 5–8. Both produce scale scores for four domains: Motivation for Achievement; Inner Resources; Interpersonal Strengths; and Work Habits. In addition, three validity measures alert you to inconsistent, self-enhancing, and self-criticizing response styles.

Items are written at a fourth-grade reading level, and students respond using a 5-point Likert scale. Computer scoring is available for the High School/College Form—an option that gives you a complete interpretive report, with individualized recommendations for underachieving students.

Validated against objective measures of achievement, the AMP provides a sound basis for instructional or psychotherapeutic intervention.

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