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Widely recognized for her accomplishments in the field of language development, Dr. Carrow-Woolfolk founded the Harry Jersig Center for Communication Disorders at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, where she created the master’s program in speech-language pathology. She also headed the Communication Disorders Program at the University of Texas and the Speech Pathology Program at Baylor College of Medicine. In addition, she directed speech pathology services at three hospitals in Houston—St. Luke's, Texas Children's Hospital, and Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Carrow-Woolfolk has an MA in educational psychology from the University of Texas and a PhD in speech pathology from Northwestern University. She completed postgraduate work in linguistics at Indiana University, and has published numerous books and articles on reading, language, and multilingualism. For 6 years Dr. Carrow-Woolfolk served as editor of the Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders.  She has received numerous honors from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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Oral and Written Language Scales, Second Edition


Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, PhD et al.

Oral and Written Language Scales, Second Edition

(OWLS-II) W-602

By Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, PhD

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