Amanda Wynn

Senior Assessment Consultant

What is your role and function at WPS? 

Marketing Director. My focus is to ensure that our customers become aware of all our product offerings in a timely and knowledgeable way and to make the focus on customers a priority for WPS.

As part of this process, I am often involved with the Art and R&D teams in helping design the look and feel of new products based on customer experience, as well as developing marketing plans with authors, my marketing team, and PD's. 

In addition, I have five employees in my team, and I aim to support and develop them to the best of my ability. Every day is different, which is why marketing is so fun.

How long have you been at WPS?

I joined WPS October 2012. Having been in the industry for over 14 years, I would say that WPS is embarking on a really exciting rejuvenation—new brand, new website, new technologies!

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I was born in the UK and lived there until my move to California to work for WPS. My partner has family in LA, so we have been vacationing here for the last 17 years. After our first visit to LA it was both of our dreams to live here, and every time I flew into LAX I felt like I had come home. I'm so glad that it now is!

Three personal things about you people probably wouldn't know:

Despite being from the UK where no one has heard of ice hockey, I LOVE it and am a huge Anaheim Ducks fan; I love 80s music (my misspent teenage years!), and I have a Masters in forensic psychology and crime.

What's a big obstacle you've had to overcome in your life or career?

Completing my Masters while working full-time and being a taxi, cook, cleaner, nurturer, and mother to my little girl.

What is your personal connection to the WPS mission?

My partner’s cousin (who is 32) has autism, and so does my friend’s 8-year-old girl. My best friend also has a severely disabled child who has a rare genetic disorder, so I see the challenges parents face every day. If WPS can help even slightly to ease this burden, with resources for both appropriate diagnosis and useful intervention, we have done a good job.

What is your educational background?

BSc in Psychology and MSc in Forensic Psychology and Crime

What is something you are currently studying or learning?

Driving on the opposite side of the road to what my brain has been trained to do for the last 26 years! Also re-training my brain to write mm/dd not dd/mm (this is very challenging)!

What do you enjoy most about working at WPS?

It's great to come to work and see everyone with a smile on their faces and great team spirit. Having all members of staff under one roof makes the collaboration needed on projects so much easier. Having worked for a large corporation previously where that wasn’t possible, this I think enables the family feeling that is present at WPS

What did you do before WPS?

After completing my BSc I worked for a few months as a caregiver in a nursing home to get by whilst I searched for work relevant to my degree. This was a very humbling experience and made me appreciate that we will all be old one day and likely to face similar health difficulties.

After six months I started work as a researcher in the National Health Service in the UK, firstly studying the effectiveness of trauma centers, then the effectiveness of rehabilitation services, followed by some time at a community rehabilitation service where I worked as a part time researcher and part time counselor. 

I then made a huge career shift to the business world and became a sales consultant for Pearson Assessment, where I stayed for 14 years, progressing to the role of Sales and Marketing Director.

Where can we contact you?

You can email me here

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