Fred Dinkins

Manager, Rights & Permissions


What is your role and function at WPS?

I am the Rights & Permissions Manager at WPS, and I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Rights & Permissions Department.

The best part about working in the Rights & Permissions Department is that each day is different. We routinely work with scholarly researchers, university professors, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals (just to name a few). The requests that we receive can vary on a daily basis.


What issues or needs are you an advocate for inside the company?

I am an advocate for maintaining our great company culture. While there is always room for improvement, WPS has a great culture that I feel each employee champions in his or her own way. Employees continue to collaborate with each other, and we continue to try to build relationships that last (both with each other and with our customers).


How long have you been at WPS?

I have been at WPS since April of 2010, and it’s great to see just how much the company has grown since that time. The growth is reflected by the increased number of employees that work here and by the way each employee embraces and champions our company culture.


Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I’m from the San Fernando Valley. I grew up in the North Hollywood/Studio City area and stayed local for college (I am a very proud USC Trojan!).

I love Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter what city/country I visit, at some point on the trip, I am ready to come back home to Los Angeles.

What are three personal things about you people probably wouldn’t know? 

I’m generally pretty private, but I do have a few quirks that people find amusing. I don’t like sandwiches, I’ve never seen an entire Indiana Jones movie, and one of my favorite shows growing up (amongst many) was Beverly Hills 90210 (the original show).


What’s a big obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life or career?

There’s so many places I can go with this question, but I’m going to keep it simple and say that one of my biggest obstacles happened recently. Last December, I participated in the Spartan Race (5+ miles, 25+ obstacles). 

I had zero confidence going into the race. However, not only was I able to complete the race (and the obstacles), but I was also able to prove to myself that obstacles can be overcome, no matter how daunting they may seem. “Keep moving” and “Don’t give up” seem very cliché, but in the midst of a challenge, they have proven to be helpful and accurate.

What’s your personal connection to the WPS mission?

“Where others see limits, we see potential” is powerful. I feel connected to the work we do at this company. Even though we are not working directly with a child with autism (for example), I know that the work we produce will help the clinician do what he or she needs to do in order to help that child. That’s the connection I make to our mission and to our daily work.


What is your educational background?

Did I mention that I was a proud USC Trojan? Fight on! I received my bachelor’s degree from USC.


What’s something you’re currently studying or learning?

I’m currently in the process of reading First Break All the Rules to further my skills as a manager. I’m looking forward to learning something new and further developing these skills.


What do you enjoy most about working at WPS?

I enjoy working with the people that I work with on a daily basis. It is the people at the company that make the culture, and the culture at WPS is pretty good.

What did you do before WPS?

Before WPS, I worked in the music industry. I had a few jobs in the industry; however, the most notable job was being an assistant for Ice Cube and Kelly Clarkson’s music managers. I actually grew up as a fan of Ice Cube, so it was a dream come true to work with him and his team. I also really enjoyed working with Kelly Clarkson and her team (after her American Idol win), and that experience made me an even bigger fan of hers as well. 

I eventually transitioned from the world of music management to the world of music publishing. It is here that I worked in the Rights & Permissions Department (first as a licensing specialist and then as a royalty administrator) before I found my way to WPS.

This unique experience certainly helped pave the way to the type of work that I am doing here.

Where can we contact you?

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