Matt Moffett

Demand Planning & Facilities Manager

What is your role and function at WPS?

I'm the company's Facilities Manager. In a nutshell, my role is to make sure that anything we need in order to function as a business is taken care of. This runs the gamut from being the point person on dealing with our various maintenance providers to managing the supply of materials needed to ship out products. Additionally, I've typically got one or more longer-term projects going at any given time.


How long have you been at WPS?

I have been with the company since 2010. It's difficult to nail down just one change because when I was hired, the company was in a state of major transition in terms of management and company culture. If I were to hone in on one specific thing that's changed, it's that the decision-making process has become more decentralized and that junior and middle managers have become increasingly encouraged to rely on their instincts and make their own decisions in the running of their departments.


Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I'm a native of the San Fernando Valley and have lived there my entire life. I've got a strong emotional attachment to Los Angeles and really couldn't see living anywhere else.


Three personal things about you people probably wouldn’t know:

I'm an avid hiker and I try to get on the trail at least every couple of weeks (I've even occasionally swung by Will Rogers Park or Temescal Canyon on the way home from work). I'm hoping to summit Mount Whitney within the next couple of years. I love to cook and view it as a form of relaxation; it's not uncommon for me to spend a couple of hours working on putting a meal together. Lastly, my favorite color is green.


What’s a big obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life or career?

In my late teens/early 20s, I bounced around a lot without much direction. I worked odd jobs, tried my hand at acting (I didn't have quite the smashing success I was hoping for in that field), and generally just skated through that time in my life. Eventually, I got enough self-discipline to go to college and radically change my work habits. The change to my life was so fast and so total that it's honestly a bit difficult to understand how different a person I was before it occurred.


What’s your personal connection to the WPS mission?

I actually come from a family of educators, a couple of whom work with special needs children. The changes over the past decade in terms of quality and availability of assessment and intervention tools have been so dramatic as to be mind-boggling. It's literally a whole new world out there, and more and more, we as a society are beginning to understand that given proper treatment and attention, individuals who would have been marginalized pariahs 30 years ago are capable of being fully functional members of society. I'm honored to play my part in advancing and growing a company dedicated to furthering this situation.

What is your educational background?

I majored in political science at UCLA, with my field of concentration in international relations.

What do you enjoy most about working at WPS? 

When I was in school, my dream job was to be an intelligence analyst for the CIA. The job I have now allows me to access a lot of the same skill sets that made analytical work attractive to me. Namely, I love diving into data and solving problems.

What did you use to do before WPS?

As I stated above, I bounced around a lot before going to college. I was hired at WPS pretty much directly out of school.

Where can we contact you?

You can email me here

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