Sheri Stegall

Department Head, Research & Development

Director, Professional Training Products


What is your role and function at WPS? 

As a Department Head of WPS R&D, my role includes overseeing the overall functioning of the department, including resource planning, interdepartmental communication, and supervision of project directors. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to share the Department Head responsibilities with Dr. Amber Klein, which has enabled both of us to continue to serve as project directors as well. As a Project Director, I am responsible for all aspects of R&D for new products and revisions, from early development (e.g., discussing an author’s vision, conducting data collection and analysis) through final production. Much of my project work has focused on our autism assessments. As the Director of Professional Training Products, I provide professional oversight for our continuing education activities, such as our live workshops and home-study programs.


What issues or needs are you an advocate for inside the company? 

Within the company, I am an advocate for improving interdepartmental communication and for completing work with passion and dedication.


How long have you been at WPS? 

Since 2006. During my years here, I have watched us grow from a small family company into a vibrant, forward-thinking company that has remained true to its family values.


Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Santa Monica, California. From there, I moved to New York to attend college at Cornell University, then moved to Maine for graduate school, and then to North Carolina to complete my clinical internship. I eventually moved back to California to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and stayed in California to work at WPS and start my own family close to where I grew up.


What are three personal things about you people probably wouldn't know? 

I have a small dog named Rusty that I adopted from an animal shelter many years ago. Although he is only 10 pounds, he is brave as can be and has tried to attack a horse to protect his family. He has also survived a rattlesnake bite. 

I appeared on the TV show Romper Room (oh, to be seen again through that Magic Mirror!).

I met my husband while volunteering at the Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service in Ithaca, New York.


What is your personal connection to the WPS mission?

As a developmental and clinical psychologist, I’ve always been passionate about the importance of assessment as the fundamental core that leads to improved understanding of oneself and others and to appropriate treatment. I’ve also been passionate about the value of quality training in assessment. My work at WPS has allowed me to pursue both of these passions toward the goal of improving the lives of children and families.


What is your educational background?

BA—Cornell University (honors thesis investigated depression and suicidality amongst international graduate students attending the University)

PhD—University of Maine (program focused in both Clinical and Developmental Psychology)

Clinical Child/Pediatric Intern—University of North Carolina School of Medicine (including rotation as part of an autism assessment team at Chapel Hill TEACCH)

Postdoctoral Fellowship—Casa Pacifica (treatment facility for abused and neglected children and adolescents, and those with severe emotional, social, behavioral, and mental health challenges)


What is something you are currently studying or learning?

I am currently relearning how to view life through the eyes of a child. It is amazing how much joy and wonderment there is in simple things, which is so often overlooked as we grow older. I am so grateful to have a daughter who teaches me something new every day.


What do you enjoy most about working at WPS?

I enjoy the great team of coworkers and authors that I get to work with every day, and most of all, I enjoy knowing that the work I am doing contributes to the improvement of the lives of those in need.


What did you do before WPS?

Mostly I was in school learning to be a psychologist and then working as a postdoctoral fellow. I have also worked as a licensed psychologist conducting assessments in a private practice.


Where can we contact you?

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