(CUQ) Cigarette Use Questionnaire

by Ken C. Winters, PhD

(CUQ) Cigarette Use Questionnaire

by Ken C. Winters, PhD
Benefits Measures the intensity of key habits, thoughts, and attitudes related to cigarette addiction, allowing clinicians to design individualized smoking cessation programs
Ages 18 to 83 years
Admin time 10 minutes
Format Self-report
Norms Based on a nationally representative sample of 609 adults
Publish Date 2006
Qualifications Level B required.
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About This Product

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Quickly identify factors that contribute to addiction

Cigarette smoking is one of the most persistent addictions. Only 6% of smokers who try to quit succeed for more than a month. These odds can be improved, however, if health professionals use the Cigarette Use Questionnaire (CUQ) to identify and address the personal and environmental factors that sustain addiction.

The CUQ is the key to creating an effective smoking cessation plan. With 44 items written at a fifth-grade reading level, the test generates four scores: Nicotine Addiction; Environmental Cues; Negative Emotional Relief; and Readiness for Change. These scores correlate with frequency, intensity, and duration of cigarette smoking, and with participation in smoking cessation treatment.

Increase the likelihood of success

Research shows that therapy is more effective when it’s individualized. This is why the CUQ is such a powerful smoking cessation tool. For each smoker, the test identifies personal and situational factors related to cigarette use, making it easier for you to plan effective treatment. The personalized assessment provided by the CUQ increases the likelihood of success in any smoking cessation program—particularly those that employ a cognitive-behavioral approach.