It is the firm policy of WPS and the ADOS-2 authors that all ADOS-2 administrations must make use of a written translation that has undergone a formal review and approval process through WPS or one of our licensed international publishing partners. The authors take this position because of their concerns about proper standards of patient care. Experience indicates that translation can significantly affect ADOS-2 scores, and thus the reliability and validity of test results. Only properly reviewed translations can provide results that correspond with those published in the manual and research literature. WPS echoes these concerns, not only in exercising our responsibilities and obligations under international copyright law, but also in protecting the integrity of our proprietary materials across cultures. To help you meet professional standards when conducting assessments with the ADOS-2, WPS will continually work to broaden the availability of the ADOS-2 across language groups and cultures. All uses in translation must have the prior, written consent of WPS.

To obtain permission to make a research translation, or to inquire about available translations, please contact WPS Rights & Permissions (

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