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Adult Clinical

Our adult clinical product range is for health professionals who require assessments for a variety of psychopathological difficulties.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Whether you’re looking for a brief screener or a comprehensive assessment, WPS has the tests and intervention resources to help you accurately identify, diagnose, and provide therapy for autism spectrum disorders.

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Child Clinical

From cognitive functioning to social and emotional behavior, the child clinical range provides a comprehensive set of tools.

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Cognitive, Achievement, & Learning

WPS offers a range of brief, easy to use measures for cognitive, achievement, and learning difficulties.

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Development & Adaptive Behavior

Measuring adaptive skills is important whenever activities of daily living are affected. The DP-3 provides a quick screen for development delay, and the ABAS-II provides a complete picture of functional abilities from birth to adulthood

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Measuring work preferences, interests, and aptitudes, WPS assessments can help you select, place, train, and motivate employees as well as measure learning strategies and adjustment at the college level.

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WPS publishes a variety of tests for general cognitive or neuropsychological functioning, including the efficient Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT), which in less than 5 minutes can detect cognitive impairment in both children and adults

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Occupational Therapy & Sensory Processing

Newly published GOAL allows therapists to assess functional motor skills via fun, motivating real life tasks and turn the results into a specific, goal oriented treatment plan.

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Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Issues

WPS tests assess a range of social, emotional, and behavioral issues, including depression, anxiety, anger, aggression, trauma, self-concept, ADHD, conduct problems, relationships, and more.

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Comprehensive assessment tools for speech, oral and written language, pragmatic skills, and articulation can be found in this section. Measures from birth to adulthood allow accurate detection of difficulties in order to plan effective treatment.

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