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ADHD & Behavior

A change in thinking can promote a change in behavior. Intervention activities help kids learn how to focus, pay attention, calm down, think before they act, anticipate consequences, and deal with frustration.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

WPS is the leading provider of autism assessments and our intervention section provides resources that complement these measures.

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Feelings & Anger Control

By exploring feelings and learning appropriate expression of them a child develops greater emotional intelligence.

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Parenting & Family Therapy

Intervention tools such as the Parent Report Card and the Relationship Report Card are used to help families resolve conflict, improve communication, and deal with difficult issues such as divorce.

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Play Therapy Resources

This section provides both fun games that create a warm and inviting atmosphere enabling children to feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as hands on intervention tools such as Tangle that provide sensory stimulation.

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Understanding self-esteem and how children see themselves enables a therapist to explore feelings, relationships, self-awareness and other facets of a child’s self-concept.

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Sensory Tools

This section provides intervention resources that complement the best-selling sensory assessments provided by WPS: SIPT and the SPM family.

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Social Skills

Addressing social communication, assertiveness, making friends, interpersonal issues, bullying and more the social skills section provides games, books and cards to address a range of difficulties children and teens face in social situations.

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Stress & Coping Skills

This section provides resources to aid reduction in anxiety in children, tips for self-calming techniques and strategies to help reduce stress and unlock coping skills.

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Therapy Accessories

These useful tools will help you run your assessments and therapy sessions with accuracy, efficiency, and confidentiality.

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