(ASDS) Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale

By Brenda Myles, Stacey Bock, et al.

(ASDS) Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale


Quickly differentiate Asperger Syndrome from autism, ADD, learning disabilities and other disorders and determine the likelihood that a child or adolescent has Asperger Syndrome.


5 through 18 years

Admin Time

10-15 minutes


Relative, teacher, or caregiver completes 50-item rating scale that covers 5 areas of behavior: Cognitive, social, maladaptive, sensorimotor, and language

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Level C required.
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(ASDS) Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale

(ASDS) Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale


Diagnosing Asperger Syndrome can be difficult because its characteristics often resemble those of autism, Attention-Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, and even behavior disorders. With the ASDS, however, you can quickly rule out other diagnoses and determine the likelihood that a child or adolescent has Asperger Syndrome. The test covers five areas of behavior: Cognitive; Maladaptive; Language; Social; and Sensorimotor. While total scores serve to identify those with Asperger’s, scale scores provide clinically rich information about each child’s specific deficits. The ASDS is a good place to start when you suspect that a child may have Asperger Syndrome. 

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