Light's Retention Scale, 2006 Edition

By H. Wayne Light, PhD

Light's Retention Scale, 2006 Edition


Helps educators evaluate the pros and cons of grade retention for particular students


6 through 18 years

Admin Time

10 minutes


Parent and teacher rating scale

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Light's Retention Scale Parent Guide (Pack of 25)

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Light's Retention Scale Parent Guide (Pack of 25)


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Light's Retention Scale, 2006 Edition

Light's Retention Scale, 2006 Edition


This useful scale is an economical way to arrive at a sound decision regarding grade retention—a decision that takes into account the particular situation and the needs of the individual student. This edition features an updated literature review that is one of the most comprehensive and current available on grade retention.

Usually completed during parent–teacher conferences, the scale is composed of 20 categories related to grade retention. The student is rated from 1 to 5 in each of these categories, and a total score is computed. This score tells you whether grade retention would be helpful or harmful to the student in question. The scale offers opportunities for dialogue between parents and educators and assures all involved that the decision is based on thoughtful, professional findings. A Parent Guide explains rating criteria in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner.

While not a standardized test, this is an excellent counseling and decision-making tool. It provides an objective, structured, and legally defensible analysis of the factors that should be considered in making a decision about grade retention. An optional School Administrator’s Kit contains Worksheets, Parent Consent Forms, and Appeal Forms that are useful when documenting the decision process.

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