(RMT™) Recognition Memory Test™

By Elizabeth K. Warrington

(RMT™) Recognition Memory Test™


Allows clinicians to quickly distinguish between right- and left-hemisphere brain damage


18 years and up

Admin Time

Less than 15 minutes


Two recognition tasks–one for words, the other for faces


Based on a sample of 300, composed of both normal and brain-damaged individuals, aged 18 to 70 years

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Level C required.
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RMT Record Form (Pad of 100)

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RMT Record Form (Pad of 100)


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RMT Manual

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(RMT™) Recognition Memory Test™

(RMT™) Recognition Memory Test™


This measure of visual and verbal memory allows clinicians to quickly distinguish between right- and left-hemisphere brain damage—and to make judgments about localization. Sensitive enough to detect minor degrees of memory deficit, the Recognition Memory Test (RMT) does not tap, and is therefore not diluted by, cognitive skills, as is the Wechsler Memory Scale.

The test consists of two simple subtests, Recognition Memory for Words and Recognition Memory for Faces. It takes less than 15 minutes to administer and is easily scored. Standardization is based on more than 300 individuals, including normals and patients suspected of having neurological disease, brain damage, or head injury. Norms are provided for ages 18–70 years.

The RMT is easy to use, and it provides clinically relevant information for those treating organic neurological disease or dysfunction.

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