(LCT-2) Listening Comprehension Test 2

by Linda Bowers, Rosemary Huisingh, and Carolyn LoGiudice

(LCT-2) Listening Comprehension Test 2


Examines students’ strengths and weaknesses in integrated language problem solving , reasoning, and comprehension through natural classroom situations


6 years to 11 years, 11 months

Admin Time

35 minutes for Pre-K; 50 minutes for Kindergarten to Grade 2; 60 minutes for Grade 3+; 15 minutes for Screening Form



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LCT-2 Kit

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LCT-2 Kit

Includes 20 Test Forms; Examiner’s Manual


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LCT-2 Test Form (Pack of 20)

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LCT-2 Test Form (Pack of 20)


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(LCT-2) Listening Comprehension Test 2

(LCT-2) Listening Comprehension Test 2

The LCT-2 assesses listening through natural classroom situations. The tasks reveal students’ strengths and weaknesses in integrated language problem solving, reasoning, and listening comprehension of material presented orally. Basic listening skills (receiving, attending to, interpreting, and responding) are fundamental to classroom learning and necessary for students to succeed.

Each subtest on the LCT-2 requires students to pay careful attention to what they hear, listen with a purpose in mind, remember what they hear well enough to think about it, avoid being impulsive in giving answers, and express answers verbally. The subtests are:

  • Main Idea
  • Details
  • Reasoning
  • Vocabulary
  • Understanding Messages

The LCT-2 closely models the type of listening required in the classroom. The student must determine what part of the message needs immediate attention, organize and understand the input, and plan appropriate responses. In order to respond, the student must integrate the communication skills of vocabulary and semantics, syntax and morphology, phonology, and thinking.

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