(CEW) Connect Experience Write

By Carrie Davis, MS, OTR and Michele Parkins MS, OTR

(CEW) Connect Experience Write


Inspires children to learn to write through the use of affect, music, movement, and visual-spatial supports


Preschool to Grade 3

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Level A required.
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Includes Training Manual; Music CD; USB Key; all in a vinyl folder


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(CEW) Connect Experience Write

(CEW) Connect Experience Write

Connect Experience Write uses music and movement to teach handwriting skills. It is the most unique, fun and engaging handwriting program available! This developmental, evidence-based resource was created by occupational therapists and helps both children with special needs and typically developing children learn how to write.

Concepts and movements are taught through fun multisensory activities using whole-body movement, vertical-surface play, and tabletop play. Letter Formation matches musical tones to the movements needed to create letters. Each uppercase and lowercase letter has unique musical tones that are used to teach that letter through whole-body movement, vertical-surface writing, and pencil-to-paper work.

Divided into two components:

·      Developmental (for prewriting and foundational support) and

·      Letter Formation (for teaching uppercase and lowercase letter formation).

*Depending on the child’s abilities, these programs can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. A brief assessment included in the Training Manual helps you determine where to start.

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