T.O.V.A. 9 Kit
Benefits Aids in the assessment of attention disorders, including ADHD
Ages 4 to 80 and above
Admin time 15 to 30 minutes per subtest
Format Computerized individual administration
Publish Date 2017
Qualifications Level C required.
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Ages 4 to 80 and above
About This Product

The Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.) is an objective, accurate and FDA-cleared measure of key components of attention and inhibitory control. The T.O.V.A. is used by qualified healthcare professionals as an aid in the assessment of, and evaluation of treatment for, attention disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in children and adults.

The T.O.V.A. is a culture- and language-free computerized test that requires no left/right discrimination or sequencing. Responses to visual or auditory stimuli are recorded with a unique, highly accurate (±1 ms) microswitch. The T.O.V.A. calculates response time variability (consistency), response time (speed), commissions (impulsivity), and omissions (focus and vigilance). These calculations are then compared to a large age- and gender-matched normative sample, as well as to a sample population of individuals independently diagnosed with ADHD. These comparison results are used to create an immediately available easy-to-read report.

The T.O.V.A. provides information that is not available through self-report or the report of others. It is used along with a clinical interview and subjective measures (such as behavior ratings) for a more comprehensive picture of academic, social, and personal performance and impairment. Test results should only be interpreted by qualified healthcare professionals.