(NAB®) Neuropsychological Assessment Battery®

by By Robert A. Stern, PhD, and Travis White, PhD

(NAB®) Neuropsychological Assessment Battery®

by By Robert A. Stern, PhD, and Travis White, PhD
Benefits Assess a wide range of cognitive skills and functions
Ages 18 to 97 years
Admin time Complete battery can be administered in less than 4 hours; administration times vary by module
Format Individual administration
Scores Standard scores
Norms All NAB tests were standardized on the same sample of more than 1,400 healthy adults
Publish Date 2003
Qualifications Level C required.
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The Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) is a comprehensive, integrated, modular battery of 33 neuropsychological tests developed to assess a wide array of neuropsychological skills and functions in adults who have known or suspected neurocognitive dysfunction. The NAB is unique among modern neuropsychological test batteries in that all the tests in all the modules have been co-normed on the same individuals. It has excellent psychometric properties, includes extensive normative and validation data, provides clinical information that meets the needs of a broad range of modern referral sources, and offers two equivalent forms that reduce practice effects and facilitate reevaluation. It was created and developed over a 7 year period and was funded, in part, through grants from the National Institute of Mental Health.

The individual tests are grouped into six modules: Attention, Language, Memory, Spatial, Executive Functions, and Screening (which allows the clinician to determine which of the other five domain-specific modules are appropriate to administer to an individual patient). The NAB allows for both flexible battery and fixed battery approaches to assessment. You can administer the entire NAB, selected modules, or individual NAB tests based on specific needs, examination focus, and referral question(s).