WPS Culture


WPS is a stable, successful company engaged in work that makes a difference in people’s lives. We have the stability of a third-generation family business combined with the entrepreneurial drive of a startup. WPS is a place where people come to build careers. Many of our 70+ employees have been with us for 10, 20, or even 30 years or more.

A Spirit of Caring

We are an enthusiastic bunch. As a group we share a passion for making a positive impact on children and families struggling with autism, speech and language difficulties, and other developmental challenges. We are inspired by the heroic work of our customers in dedicating their professional lives to helping others in need. We are also a thoughtful crew obsessed with decoding the patterns of human behavior. We realize this effort is at the root of what we do. It is our hope that the better we can understand why people behave as they do, the greater the impact our products and services will have.

New Era of Leadership

Jeff Manson, president and CEO of WPS and grandson of our founder, is making a big investment in the company’s future. He’s nurturing a transformative culture that encourages innovation, creativity, transparency, and collaboration. He recently moved the company to a new state-of-the-art facility in Torrance that encourages cross-department collaboration, creativity, and plenty of impromptu communications. The idea is that employees who are happy, empowered, acknowledged, and listened to will better serve the customer and the company’s goals.

Although we take our work seriously, we allow ourselves to have fun throughout the day. Our relaxed atmosphere enables us to enjoy the work we do and those we do it with. We understand that laughter and smiles are critical to creating a supportive environment that brings out the best we all have to offer.