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Electronic Digital Stopwatch

This digital stopwatch features a jumbo display, with digits 3/8" high, showing minutes, seconds, and 100ths of seconds. Used as a stopwatch, it times up to 30 minutes. It has time-out and accumulation features, as well as an almost inaudible start/stop reset button. When it is not in stopwatch mode, it serves as a compact digital clock, showing hours, minutes, seconds, a.m. or p.m., day, and date. It continues to keep accurate time even when you are using the unit as a stopwatch. So, whenever you leave stopwatch mode, the unit will show the correct time of day. It runs on a single AA battery (included), which will last more than a year. The unobtrusive black high-impact plastic housing is only 3 3/4" × 2 3/8" × 5/8" thick and the unit weighs only 2.5 ounces. One-year guarantee by manufacturer.

Ritter 700 Stopwatch

This is an excellent stopwatch for testing and research. It has a standard, easy-to-read, 60-second sweep. The outer rim features black numerals on a white background and times in 100ths of a minute, while the inner rim has white numerals on a black background and times in seconds (in units of .2 of a second).        

A side slide allows you to stop and restart the stopwatch for time-outs and cumulative timings. There is a 30-minute register, and by simply pressing the crown, you can reset the stopwatch to zero without stopping or interrupting timing.

This sturdy, chrome-cased stopwatch has seven jewels and carries a 1-year guarantee by the manufacturer.

Stop Watch

This convenient device helps protect the privacy of your therapy sessions. By producing a pleasant, smooth sound of rushing air, the sound conditioner masks conversations that might otherwise be heard through walls or closed doors. This helps prevent accidental eavesdropping and eliminates the need for costly sound insulation. In addition, the sound conditioner can be used to mask noise from traffic, television, or stereo, allowing you to sleep, read, study, or work more easily.

Just plug the unit into a 110–120V AC outlet and set it at high or low speed. Rotate the top to raise or lower the volume. The sound conditioner is self‑standing and requires no hardware or mounting. It is usually placed outside the therapy room. This dual‑speed unit (model 980A) comes in a fog-white plastic housing with an 8' power cord. It weighs 1.7 pounds and is 3¼" high, with a base diameter of 5¾". 


Here’s an unobtrusive reminder device for people with Attention-Deficit Disorder, memory impairment, chronic medical conditions, or hearing problems. It uses a vibrator alarm to silently remind the wearer to take medication, pay attention, or perform a specific task at a specific time.      

In addition to being a standard wristwatch, the WatchMinder2 includes an eight-character display for programmable messages (with EL back-light for night viewing), 16 daily alarms, a silent vibrator alarm, a countdown auto-repeat timer, and two operating modes—Training Mode and Reminder Mode.        

Because it is silent and looks like any other wristwatch, the WatchMinder2 has no social drawbacks. It is water-resistant (not waterproof) and comes with a rubber strap. Three batteries (provided) power the WatchMinder2; all are easy to change and replace. The WatchMinder2 is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 1 year.