(TOLD-I:4) Test of Language Development, Intermediate—Fourth Edition

by Phyllis L. Newcomer and Donald D. Hammill

(TOLD-I:4) Test of Language Development, Intermediate—Fourth Edition

by Phyllis L. Newcomer and Donald D. Hammill
Benefits Offers a measure of spoken language that's both comprehensive and specific
Ages 8 years to 17 years, 11 months
Admin time 30 to 60 minutes
Format Individually administered subtests in varying formats
Scores Standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents for subtests and composites (Semantics and Grammar; Listening, Organizing, and Speaking; and Overall Language Ability)
Norms Based on a nationally representative sample and keyed to 2005 U.S. Census data
Publish Date 2008
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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The TOLD-I:4 identifies oral language proficiency in children ages 8 to 17 years, 11 months. This fully revised Fourth Edition offers updated norms, a more user-friendly manual, new validity studies, and elimination of floor and ceiling effects. The Intermediate form adds a new subtest (Multiple Meanings), a new Composite Score (Organizing), and an expanded age range—up to 17-11 years.

The subtests are listed below, along with the abilities and language constructs they measure. Several have been renamed to better reflect their content.

The test can be individually administered in less than an hour (sometimes as little as 30 minutes), and yields standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents. Profiles indicate individual strengths and deficiencies in basic language abilities. Norms are based on a large nationally representative sample, keyed to 2005 census data, and stratified by age.

Computer scoring software is now available. Quick and efficient, this software converts raw scores to percentile ranks, age- and grade-based standard scores, and age equivalents. It generates composites scores, identifies intra-individual differences, and generates an analytical report of the student's performance.

The test offers strong psychometric properties. The manual provides numerous validity studies, including several that demonstrate the test's sensitivity and specificity. Forms are unbiased in regard to gender and race.

With updated norms and an expanded age range, the TOLD-I:4 is an excellent choice when you need a comprehensive, individually administered test of language development.

INTERMEDIATE (Ages 8-0 through 17-11)    
Sentence Combining Constructing sentences Grammar/Speaking
Picture Vocabulary Understanding word relationships Semantics/Listening
Word Ordering Constructing sentences Grammar/Organizing
Relational Vocabulary  Understanding word similarities Semantics/Organizing
Morphological Comprehension Recognizing grammatical sentences Grammar/Listening
Multiple Meanings Providing word meanings Semantics/Speaking