(AGVQ™) Attitudes Toward Guns and Violence Questionnaire™

by Jeremy P. Shapiro, PhD

(AGVQ™) Attitudes Toward Guns and Violence Questionnaire™

by Jeremy P. Shapiro, PhD
Benefits Provides insight on why specific individuals are attracted to guns and violence
Ages 6 to 29 years
Admin time 5-10 minutes
Format Self-report
Scores Provides total score, plus scores for 4 subscales
Norms Based on an age-stratified sample of 1,745 individuals in school and community settings
Publish Date 2000
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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The AGVQ measures the attitudes of young people, ages 6 to 29, toward guns, physical aggression, and interpersonal conflict. Composed of just 26 items and written at a third-grade reading level, this unique self-report inventory can be administered in just 5 to 10 minutes.

AGVQ items focus on violence-related issues, with an emphasis on guns. (The test form is titled “What’s Your Opinion?”) In addition to a total score, the test yields scores for the following subscales:

  • Aggressive Response to Shame
  • Comfort With Aggression
  • Excitement
  • Feelings of Power/Safety 

AGVQ scores correlate with student and teacher reports of aggressive behavior and interpersonal problems. The test complements instruments that focus on behavior by providing information about internal processes underlying aggression, as well as violence potential that has not yet been manifested in action. For clinicians who do need a measure of aggressive behavior, the AGVQ Kit includes an Aggressive Behavior Checklist (ABC).

Used in mental health, juvenile justice, and school settings, the AGVQ lets you accurately target intervention and prevention programs. And, following intervention, it serves as a measure of program effectiveness. Quick and inexpensive, the AGVQ is an important addition to any program intended to reduce violence.