Autism Conversations

by Marilyn J. Monteiro, PhD

Autism Conversations

by Marilyn J. Monteiro, PhD
Publish Date 2010
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About This Product

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Based on thousands of real-world evaluations, Autism Conversations opens up and improves the assessment process, looking at aspects of autism not adequately covered by current diagnostic criteria. The book demonstrates that conversation—among evaluators, teachers, parents, and children—is vital to accurate diagnosis. Using vivid case examples, Dr. Monteiro presents an evaluation approach that yields a detailed, nuanced picture of each child, leading to more individualized intervention. She also gently guides parents through the diagnostic process, which many find complicated and emotionally draining.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to use a visual framework to help all parties concerned understand the diagnosis
  • How to explain the differences in language, social, and sensory development typical of children on the autism spectrum
  • How to engage children who may not respond to normal conversational cues
  • How to use sensory toys to discover each child’s unique way of relating to the world
  • How to form trusting relationships with parents and teachers

You’ll also receive:

  • Instructions for creating a clear and specific portrait of each child
  • Tips for writing compelling narrative reports, full of descriptive detail about each child’s behavior
  • Guidelines for developing individualized recommendations for both parents and teachers

Written with great insight and sensitivity, this book addresses the needs and concerns of all those involved in the evaluation process. Practitioners and parents alike will find Autism Conversations an indispensable guide and resource.

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