(EASY-OT) Educational Assessment of School Youth for Occupational Therapists

by Sharon Kenmotsu and Katy Tressler

(EASY-OT) Educational Assessment of School Youth for Occupational Therapists

by Sharon Kenmotsu and Katy Tressler
Benefits Provides a collection of materials that help you evaluate students, write in-depth reports, and take charge of your occupational therapy caseload
Ages Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12
Admin time Varies
Format Forms, manual, and test templates provided on unlimited-use CD
Publish Date 2007
Qualifications Level C required.
About Qualification Levels
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About This Product

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Here’s an occupational therapy assessment tool that lives up to its name. EASY-OT is a collection of summary forms, informal checklists, and resource materials for guiding evaluations, documenting results, and planning interventions. There are no norms associated with EASY-OT, but it does provide space to record results from the 14 most commonly used standardized tests. Because it’s provided on an unlimited-use CD, you can use EASY-OT repeatedly, printing out forms and generating reports as needed.

EASY-OT includes four Assessment Forms: Pre-K–2nd Grade; Grades 3–8; Grades 9–12; and Low Functioning (for students with developmental or physical disabilities). Each form assesses school-related skills in five areas: 

  • Fine-Motor
  • Gross-Motor
  • Visual–Perceptual
  • Visual–Motor
  • Self-Help

In addition, 18 templates help you evaluate preprinting, writing, coloring, cutting, and other skills. And four supplementary forms offer useful assessment options: 

  • Screening Form—A time-saving checklist that helps determine the need for a complete EASY-OT assessment
  • Annual Report Form—A systematic way to document progress, track eligibility for services, and organize IEP considerations
  • Sensory Processing Skills Addendum—A checklist evaluating the impact of sensory processing skills on school performance
  • Life Skills Addendum—A vocational/life skills checklist that completes the picture of student functioning

Whether you choose computer administration or print out the forms, addenda, and templates for paper-and-pencil administration, you’ll use the EASY-OT again and again.