(EON-EXEC™) Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Executive Function™

by Anthony Y. Stringer, PhD, Megan Denham, MAEd, and Amber Koblasz, BA, BS
Two separate structured modules (3 sessions for Attention Module; 10 sessions for Problem Solving Module) combining face-to-face therapy time with effective homework assignments
Helps patients with executive dysfunction improve attention and problem-solving deficits
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(EON-EXEC™) Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Executive Function

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Includes Therapist Guide; Problem Solving Module Workbook; Attention Deficit Module Workbook

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EON-EXEC Therapist Guide
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EON-EXEC Attention Deficits Workbook
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(EON-EXEC™) Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Executive Function™
(EON-EXEC™) Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Executive Function™

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    About This Product

    The EON-EXEC is a systematic, structured, and evidenced-based cognitive rehabilitation program designed to treat adult patients with executive dysfunction resulting from brain injury, stroke, tumor, or age-related cognitive decline. The EON-EXEC program consists of two modules that respectively address deficits in attention and problem solving. 

    Combining face-to-face therapy time with homework assignments, it includes a Therapist Guide and two Workbooks, one each for the Attention and Problem Solving Modules. The Therapist Guide includes overviews and program modules with detailed session-by-session guidelines and cognitive rehabilitation exercises, while the Workbooks provide materials to be completed by the patient in sessions as well as homework assignments. Upon purchase, download the electronic version of the Problem Solving Worksheet for your patient here (you must register and log in).

    EON-EXEC Strategies

    Incorporating compensatory strategies and written aids, the EON-EXEC introduces simple and practical strategies to improve executive functioning. The strategies systematically guide patients in modifying their environments to maximize attention as well as organize and understand the range of functions required to solve problems. Working through each module will help the patient function more optimally in their daily lives.

    With a strong emphasis on oral and written information, the EON-EXEC is useful, practical, and designed to improve necessary skills and everyday functioning. It will be particularly beneficial to therapists treating veterans, as well as clinicians working with the growing elderly population.

    EON-EXEC Program Principles

    The following three principles guide all Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation programs: 

    • EON programs are highly pragmatic in bringing about changes in the areas that matter most to patients because the programs focus on the everyday environment in which patients live, train, and work. This focus is maintained across in-session and homework exercises. 
    • EON programs seek to improve cognitive performance using compensatory strategies. The programs do not seek to improve actual cognitive ability, although this may be a byproduct of patients’ increased use of cognitive skills and abilities. 
    • EON programs attempt to maximize self-control and independence by giving patients the ability and the responsibility to use performance-enhancing strategies. These principles guided the creation of the EON Memory program (shown below), which may be used in conjunction with the EON-EXEC.