(FCP-R) Functional Communication Profile - Revised

by Larry I. Kleiman

(FCP-R) Functional Communication Profile - Revised

by Larry I. Kleiman
Benefits Evaluates communication skills in individuals with developmental and acquired delays, including autism spectrum disorder
Ages 3 years and up
Admin time 45 to 90 minutes
Format Individual
Publish Date 2003
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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The FCP-R assesses students’ language-based responses to portrayed peer-to-peer situations. This format is unlike other tests that rely on observations. It addresses all communication possibilities and is not limited to oral language expression. Items in the test help fulfill both state and federal regulations in the United States. The FCP-R subtests are:

  • Sensory/Motor
  • Attentiveness
  • Receptive Language
  • Expressive Language
  • Pragmatic/Social Language
  • Speech
  • Voice
  • Oral
  • Fluency
  • Non-Oral Communication

The FCP-R yields an overall inventory of the individual's communication abilities, mode of communication (e.g., verbal, sign, nonverbal, augmentative), and degree of independence. Clients are assessed and rated in the major skill categories of communication through direct observation, teacher and caregiver reports, and one-on-one testing. The FCP-R is appropriate for individuals who range between mild and profound deficits.