(H-T-P) House-Tree-Person Projective Drawing Technique

by John N. Buck

(H-T-P) House-Tree-Person Projective Drawing Technique

by John N. Buck
Benefits Provides useful clinical information through projective drawing–highly sensitive to psychopathology early in its development
Ages 3 and up
Admin time Varies
Format Examinee draws–and then describes–a house, a tree, and a person
Publish Date 1977
Qualifications Level C required.
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Translation Available in Catalan, Portuguese, & Spanish
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About This Product

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One of the most distinguished and widely used projectives, the H-T-P yields abundant clinical information. It also saves time and is easy to use. The subject simply produces, and then discusses, three drawings—of a house, a tree, and a person.

Because drawing can reduce tension, the H-T-P is often administered as the first in a battery of psychodiagnostic tests. It is an ideal way to assess personality in individuals who are culturally different, educationally deprived, developmentally disabled, or non–English speaking.

The books and forms presented here enhance and simplify administration, scoring, and interpretation.