(KBIT-2) Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition

by Alan S. Kaufman and Nadeen L. Kaufman

(KBIT-2) Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition

by Alan S. Kaufman and Nadeen L. Kaufman
Benefits Offers a quick yet relatively thorough estimate of verbal and nonverbal intelligence
Ages 4 through 90 years
Admin time 20 minutes
Format Individually administered verbal and nonverbal tasks that do not require reading or spelling
Scores Verbal and nonverbal scores plus a composite IQ
Publish Date 2004
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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This popular measure, now available in a fully revised second edition, gives you more information than any other brief intelligence test. Individually administered in just 20 minutes, it assesses both verbal and nonverbal intelligence in people from 4 through 90 years of age.

The KBIT-2 is composed of two separate scales. The Verbal Scale contains two kinds of items—Verbal Knowledge and Riddles—both of which assess crystallized ability (knowledge of words and their meanings). Items cover both receptive and expressive vocabulary, and they do not require reading or spelling.

The Nonverbal Scale includes a Matrices subtest that assesses fluid thinking—the ability to solve new problems by perceiving relationships and completing analogies. Because items contain pictures and abstract designs rather than words, you can assess nonverbal ability even when language skills are limited. Full-color items appeal to children, particularly those who are reluctant to be tested.

The KBIT-2 provides Verbal and Nonverbal Scores, plus a composite IQ. Test items are free of cultural and gender bias.

The KBIT-2 is an efficient way to compare verbal and nonverbal abilities, screen for gifted students, get a quick estimate of intelligence in institutional settings (such as prisons, group homes, rehabilitation centers, and mental health clinics), and reevaluate individuals previously given a comprehensive IQ test. Brief and easy to use, it also offers impressive reliability and validity.