(LRS-5) Light’s Retention Scale, Fifth Edition

by H. Wayne Light, PhD

(LRS-5) Light’s Retention Scale, Fifth Edition

by H. Wayne Light, PhD
Benefits Helps educators evaluate the pros and cons of grade retention for particular students
Ages 6 to 18 years
Admin time 10 minutes
Format Parent and teacher rating scale
Publish Date 2015
Qualifications Level B required.
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About This Product

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This useful scale is an economical way to arrive at a sound decision regarding grade retention—a decision that takes into account the particular situation and the needs of the individual student. The new edition of Light’s Retention Scale includes at least 340 quality research studies on school grade retention.  An analysis of these studies produced 21 categories (factors to consider for possible retention) which include such areas as intelligence, mobility, physique, age, gender, participation of parents, preschool enrollment, student’s motivation, attendance, emotional disorders, conduct patterns, and other areas. Concentration and Focus is a new category added to the scale. The student is rated from 1 to 5 in each of these categories, and a total score is computed.

While not a standardized test, this is an excellent counseling and decision-making tool.