Mullen Scales of Early Learning

by Eileen M. Mullen

Mullen Scales of Early Learning

by Eileen M. Mullen
Benefits Assesses early intellectual development and school readiness, permitting targeted intervention at a young age
Ages Birth to 5 years, 8 months
Admin time Depends on child's age (e.g., 15 minutes for 1-year olds; 40-60 minutes for 5-year-olds)
Format Individually administered motor, visual, and language tasks
Scores T-scores, percentiles, and age-equivalents for each scale, plus an Early Learning Composite score
Publish Date 1995
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About This Product

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 Safety Warning Choking Hazard CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Supervision is required for children under 3 years.


Provides a good picture of early cognitive and motor development with five brief scales:

• Gross Motor

• Visual Reception

• Fine Motor

• Expressive Language

• Receptive Language

The Mullen Profile Form clearly shows the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and an intervention report (offered on the computer scoring CD) lists developmentally appropriate tasks that parents can help their children master at home.    

Attractive to children and useful to educators, the Mullen Scales provide a foundation for effective intervention and a baseline from which to determine appropriate teaching strategies.