(PIY) Personality Inventory for Youth

by David Lachar, PhD, and Christian P. Gruber, PhD

(PIY) Personality Inventory for Youth

by David Lachar, PhD, and Christian P. Gruber, PhD
Benefits Provides a multidimensional, psychometrically sound measure of emotional and behavioral adjustment, family interaction, and academic functioning
Ages 9 through 19 years
Admin time Full scale, 45 minutes; Screener composed of first 80 items, 15 minutes
Format Self-report
Norms Based on a sample of more than 2,300 students in grades 4-12; also, clinical sample of more than 1,100
Publish Date 1995
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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The PIY is a multidimensional, psychometrically sound self-report instrument designed specifically for young people. It is composed of 270 items covering 9 nonoverlapping clinical scales and 24 nonoverlapping subscales:

Cognitive Impairment

  • Poor Achievement and Memory
  • Inadequate Abilities
  • Learning Problems


  • Brashness
  • Distractibility and Overactivity
  • Impulsivity


  • Antisocial Behavior
  • Dyscontrol
  • Noncompliance

Family Dysfunction

  • Parent-Child Conflict
  • Parent Maladjustment
  • Marital Discord

Reality Distortion

  • Feelings of Alienation
  • Hallucinations and Delusions

Somatic Concern

  • Psychosomatic Syndrome
  • Muscular Tension and Anxiety
  • Preoccupation With Disease

Psychological Discomfort

  • Fear and Worry
  • Depression
  • Sleep Disturbance

Social Withdrawal

  • Social Introversion
  • Isolation

Social Skill Deficits

  • Limited Peer Status
  • Conflict With Peers

The 24 subscales reveal more specific clinical content, making the PIY an excellent diagnostic tool. In addition, four validity scales tell you whether the respondent is exaggerating, malingering, or responding defensively, carelessly, or without adequate comprehension. The first 80 items of the test can be used as a screener to quickly identify students who would show problems on the full inventory.

Items are written at a third-grade reading level. An audio CD is available for poor readers, and a Spanish Administration Booklet is available for those who read Spanish only.

The PIY gives you a reliable and valid measure of child and adolescent psychopathology, based on the respondent’s own perceptions.

PIC-2/PIY/SBS 25-use scoring CD available on PIC-2 page