Raven's®2 Progressive Matrices, Clinical Edition


Raven's®2 Progressive Matrices, Clinical Edition

Benefits Assesses observational skills and ability in a variety of settings
Ages 4 to 90 years
Admin time 30 minutes for ages 4 to 9 years; 45 minutes for ages 9 to 90 years
Format Individual or group
Scores Standard score and percentile rank
Norms Based on a sample of 2,275 individuals representing demographic characteristics consistent with U.S. Census data
Publish Date 2018
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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The Raven’s 2 provides a nonverbal measure of high-level observation skills, clear-thinking ability, and intellectual capacity that minimizes the impacts of language and cultural differences. This test differentiates between people at the high end of intellectual ability with more difficult items and also offers a set of items applicable at any ability level, including the low end of intellectual ability.

The Raven’s 2 can be used in a variety of settings, with culturally diverse populations, and/or with nonverbal children. The Raven’s 2 can be administered fairly to virtually everyone, including those who are not language proficient or have communication-related disabilities. Scoring of the assessment provides both a standard score and a percentile rank based on norms collected from the general population.

Features and Benefits

  • Updated and colorized items, design, and norms
  • Individual or group settings administration
  • Test forms based on examinee’s ability level
  • Increased usability with integrated test forms and manuals
  • Wide range of item difficulty facilitates identifying intellectual disability and giftedness
  • Reusable test booklets