(SSI-4) Stuttering Severity Instrument, Fourth Edition

by Glyndon D. Riley

(SSI-4) Stuttering Severity Instrument, Fourth Edition

by Glyndon D. Riley
Benefits Allows you to quickly quantify stuttering problems and evaluate the effectiveness of therapy
Ages Over 2 years and 10 months
Admin time 15-20 minutes
Format Elicits and evaluates speech samples; individually administered
Scores Scale scores ranging from 0 to 20
Norms Based on an age-stratified sample of 72 preschool children, 139 school-aged children, and 60 adults
Publish Date 2009
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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The fourth edition of this enduring test offers updated norms, quicker administration, and computer scoring. Like previous versions, the SSI-4 evaluates speaking samples according to specific criteria:

Frequency—expressed as percentage of syllables stuttered

Duration—average length of the three longest stuttering events

Physical Concomitants—distracting sounds, facial grimaces, head movements, and arm and leg movements

Naturalness of Speech

Well suited to both clinical and research use, the SSI-4 continues to provide a reliable measure of stuttering severity.