(TOPL-2) Test of Pragmatic Language, Second Edition

by Diana Phelps-Terasaki and Trisha Phelps-Gunn

(TOPL-2) Test of Pragmatic Language, Second Edition

by Diana Phelps-Terasaki and Trisha Phelps-Gunn
Benefits Evaluates social communication in context, telling you how well students listen, choose appropriate content, express feelings, make requests, and handle other aspects of pragmatic language
Ages 6-0 to 18-11 years
Admin time 45-60 minutes
Format Student responds to verbal prompts read by examiner and color illustrations presented in a convenient spiralbound flipbook
Scores One standard score–the Pragmatic Language Usage Indexplus a qualitative analysis of student response
Publish Date 2007
Qualifications Level C required.
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About This Product

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Pragmatic language is critical for adequate communication and for understanding the conversations around you. It is pragmatic language--language in social context--that helps you comprehend not only what is said, but why it is said.

The Test of Pragmatic Language-2 (TOPL-2) expands on the original for an even more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of social communication in context. The TOPL-2 allows you to assess the effectiveness, and appropriateness, of a student's pragmatic language skills. Administered in approximately 45-60 minutes, it tests six core subcomponents of pragmatic language: physical setting, audience, topic, purpose (speech acts), visual-gestural cues, and abstraction. Raw scores, percentiles, standard scores, and age equivalents are provided. The convenient, spiralbound flipbook features people of various ethnicities in large-format color drawings.

Designed for use by speech-language pathologists, the TOPL-2 also provides important information about social skills and conflict resolution. Individually administered, this test is appropriate for individuals aged 6-0 to 18-11.

Because pragmatic language is a part of all communication, any comprehensive language assessment battery should include the TOPL-2.