(GORT-5) Gray Oral Reading Test, Fifth Edition

by J. Lee Wiederholt and Brian R. Bryant

(GORT-5) Gray Oral Reading Test, Fifth Edition

by J. Lee Wiederholt and Brian R. Bryant
Benefits Identifies students who are significantly below their peers in oral reading proficiency
Ages 6-0 through 23-11 years
Admin time 20-30 minutes
Format 16 developmentally sequenced reading passages, each followed by 5 comprehension questions; individually administered
Scores Standard scores, percentile ranks, and age and grade equivalents for Rate, Accuracy, Fluency, and Comprehension; plus an Oral Reading Index obtained by combining scores for Fluency and Comprehension
Qualifications Level B required.
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About This Product

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The fifth edition of this enduring test quickly identifies students with oral reading difficulties. The GORT-5 offers updated norms, an expanded age range, revised comprehension questions, and streamlined basal and ceiling rules that make administration easier and more efficient.

The test includes two equivalent forms, both of which contain 16 developmentally sequenced reading passages. The student reads these passages aloud and answers five questions about each one. The examiner records the student’s reading rate, deviations from the printed passages, and miscues. The Manual provides clear scoring guidelines and a system for analyzing miscues in four areas: Meaning Similarity, Function Similarity, Graphic/Phonemic Similarity, and Self-Correction. This miscue analysis system is helpful in designing interventions tailored to each student’s needs.

Free of gender and ethnic bias, the GORT-5 is widely used to identify students with poor oral reading proficiency, to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses, and to document reading progress in response to intervention.