How do I receive permission to photocopy or otherwise adapt a test?

WPS can permit reprints, adaptations, and translations made by qualified researchers and organizations who first secure proper written authorization from WPS Rights & Permissions, under permission arrangements that are subject as necessary to payment of license fees to WPS. Preferred scholarly arrangements are available to qualified scientific investigators who are conducting peer-reviewed study through an accredited university or other scholarly institution conducting not-for-profit study. Contact WPS Rights & Permissions for details securing the necessary arrangements (

Common examples of the types of licensing arrangements assisted through WPS Rights & Permissions include, though are not limited to: Use of selected scales from a test within a customized research battery; use of a test in translation as part of a scholarly study; and placing a test into an on-line environment (such as SurveyMonkey) for use within a particular scientific investigation.

No reprinting, adaptation, or translation of copyrighted WPS material, in whole or in part, in any media is permitted without the prior written authorization of WPS, including payment of license fees as may be required (e.g., WPS Rights & Permissions can help researchers secure pre-approved licensing arrangements that permit them to adapt or translate WPS-proprietary test material for use in a particular study).