(RAVLT) Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test

by Michael Schmidt, PhD, ABPP, ABN

(RAVLT) Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test

by Michael Schmidt, PhD, ABPP, ABN
Benefits A definitive guide to the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, bringing together all versions and forms, psychometric data, research, and administration and scoring instructions in a single volume
Ages 7 to 89 years
Publish Date 1996
Qualifications Level C required.
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This handbook brings together more than a dozen versions of the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT)—including various forms and stimulus sheets, in various languages, using various recognition and recall strategies.

The RAVLT is widely used to evaluate verbal learning and memory, including proactive inhibition, retroactive inhibition, retention, encoding versus retrieval, and subjective organization. Because the test is brief and easy to understand, it has gained international acceptance. However, until now, data about the RAVLT have been scattered in disparate sources.

This handbook is a definitive guide to the RAVLT. It addresses administration, scoring, norms, forms, interpretation, moderator variables, malingering, test–retest comparisons, reliability, and validity. Appendixes include forms and stimulus sheets, supplementary scores and indexes, and conversion tables for obtaining z-scores, T-scores, standard scores, and percentiles. A four-page Record Sheet and Score Summary lets you quickly organize and record special scores and indexes.

This very helpful handbook lets you use the RAVLT with greater ease and confidence.