Technology at Its Best: Revealing Humanity

Technology at Its Best: Revealing Humanity

by Jeff Manson


As we enter our 72nd year, I think back on how much has changed since our beginning in 1948.

The world of today is far different from the world of my parents and grandparents.

Today, with early intervention, we can fundamentally change the trajectory of a child’s life. In just a few short decades, autism and other developmental challenges are far less stigmatized. This is thanks to continued research, a deeper understanding of underlying causes, and the distributed model of care. And yet there’s still a long way to go.

In 2020, there’s a healthy debate about the right role of technology and data in our lives.

At WPS, we believe that when done right, technology creates visibility, transparency, and better decision-making. Technology should make us feel closer to our humanity, not more distant from it. That’s why we’ve continued to invest in innovative technologies, online scoring, and a new web platform. It’s all part of our digital transformation to better serve your needs. And we’re just getting started.

There’s a lot at stake. As a practitioner, you have mere minutes to evaluate a child and just days to report your insights that will substantially impact the next 5 years of her or his life.

We want to simplify this process with the assistance of technology at its best. Revealing the humanity at the heart of your decisions is our greatest hope. We’re excited to hear how our investments in technology continue to bring the right change to your practice.


Jeff Manson is President and CEO of WPS and a third-generation test publisher.



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