(WRIT) Wide Range Intelligence Test

by Joseph Glutting, Wayne Adams, et al.

(WRIT) Wide Range Intelligence Test

by Joseph Glutting, Wayne Adams, et al.
Benefits Offers an efficient way to assess intelligence, generating Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, and Composite IQs
Ages 4 to 85 years
Admin time 20-30 minutes
Format 4 individually administered subtests
Scores Saled scores, percentiles, and age equivalents, in addition to the three IQ composites
Norms Based on a national sample of 2,285 people; co-normed with the Wide Range Achievement Test to permit comparisons between intellectual and academic functioning
Publish Date 1999
Qualifications Level C required.
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The WRIT is composed of four subtests, selected for their historically high loadings on Spearman’s “g” factor. Two of the subtests assess verbal-crystallized abilities, which are more dependent on acquired knowledge, and two measure nonverbal-fluid abilities, which are environmentally and culturally reduced:

Verbal–Crystallized Abilities

  • Vocabulary (a traditional word definition task)
  • Verbal Analogies (a fast-paced verbal-reasoning task)

Nonverbal–Fluid Abilities

  • Visual Matrices (a traditional matrix task assessing visual-spatial reasoning and abstract visual–perceptual relationships)
  • Diamonds (a spatial constructional task using diamond-shaped chips to duplicate two- and three-dimensional figures)

Colorful, engaging, and easy to administer, this test offers high psychometric standards in an efficient, user-friendly package.

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