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A Message of Solidarity

Thursday, June 18, 2020
A Message of Solidarity

By Jeff Manson

At WPS we stand together with our employees, practitioners, school professionals and communities in rejecting racism and discrimination.

Let me be clear: Black Lives Matter.

As an organization WPS stands for inclusivity, diversity, and equality. Our mission is to unlock potential for everyone.

But this moment has brought new meaning to our mission. It has brought recognition, for me and WPS, that unlocking potential requires a higher level of commitment to ending systemic racial injustice.

A desire for change must translate into action and the following are examples of how we are meeting this moment:

  • Committing to unconscious bias training within our organization
  • Committing to more diverse hiring practices and embracing innovative programs that can advance candidates from backgrounds generally underrepresented in our field
  • Engaging our teams on how to create a more inclusive organization
  • Developing forums for employees to gather, share, and learn from each other to enhance awareness of inequality and focus on solutions
  • Contribute financially by partnering with non-profits dedicated to creating educational and economic opportunities for the Black community

Helping others is why WPS exists. As we examine and educate ourselves, we invite your feedback on how we can further lean into this moment and do our part to make a difference.

Learning and growing alongside you.

With Gratitude,

Jeff Manson


Jeff Manson is President and CEO of WPS and a third-generation test publisher.

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