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How can I obtain Continuing Education (CE) Credits through WPS?

Online CE and training materials are available on the WPS Learning Management System (WPS LMS), which provides access to independent study materials, video-based training, live webinars, and support materials for in-person events. WPS also offers some additional post-test materials in print form for obtaining Independent Study credits. These materials are not yet available on the WPS LMS, though we intend to make many of the offerings available in the future.   For a list of products that have Independent Study credits available, please ...

What is the difference between a CE and a CEU?

The certificate(s) and attendance letter(s) provided by WPS may specify credit in terms of CE Credits, CE Units (CEUs), or both. Additional credit types may sometimes be specified as well. This is because different professional organizations and licensing boards refer to their licensees’ CE experiences in different units. Some organizations, such as the American Psychological Association (APA), refer to continuing education experiences in terms of CE credits. For these boards, one CE credit is equal to one contact hour or one study hour. Other...

What materials do I need access to in order to complete WPS independent study CE?

All WPS Independent Study CE is focused on your learning the content through study of the associated assessment and intervention materials. In order to complete WPS Independent Study CE, you will need to purchase the relevant CE post-test materials. These materials do not include access to the associated assessment and/or intervention materials (e.g., manual, video-based training package), which are sold separately.   Most WPS Independent Study CE materials are accessed on the WPS Learning Management System (WPS LMS). To complete Independent...

Which organizations is WPS approved by to sponsor continuing education?

You will need to review the information for each specific CE item to determine what credit opportunities may be available for various products and delivery formats. Many of our CE items will display approved provider/sponsor statements associated with the American Psychological Association (APA), American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and/or the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).   In addition, the educational offerings available through WPS may qualify for continuing education credit as required by a variety...

Who is eligible to become a member of GSAP?

GSAP is available to professors and training instructors of accredited, degree-granting academic programs and institutions, certified internship programs, approved post-doctoral certification programs, training clinics, and workshops.

How many materials can I receive?

As a member of GSAP, you are eligible to receive up to three 100% complimentary WPS assessments and intervention resources annually. Each title is limited to one per calendar year. All materials must be requested at the time your application is processed. If you do not request three materials, you forego the right to receive additional items for that calendar year.

Can I receive materials that are not published by WPS?

No, distributed products are not available as part of GSAP.

What products are available through GSAP?

Click here to view a current list of materials available through GSAP.  

Can I translate a test that I receive through GSAP?

No, materials received through GSAP may not be reproduced, adapted, or translated for any purpose or in any format, electronic or otherwise, without the prior written permission of WPS. Learn more about Copyrights & Permissions.

Are online tests available?

Yes, online assessments are now provided in addition to print hand scored kits. Learn more about titles available through GSAP by viewing the 2019 GSAP Eligible Titles List.

Do I have to pay shipping for my materials?

No, shipping charges are not incurred to deliver GSAP materials within the contiguous United States. Please note, professors or training instructors of international institutions are not eligible to apply for GSAP at this time.  

How long is GSAP membership good for once approved?

GSAP membership is provided on an annual basis. You must reapply each calendar year.  

Do you provide educational discounts?

Yes, WPS offers a Research Discount, Educational Discount, and Workshop Trainer Discount. Learn more about our Scholarly Discount Programs.  

How long does it take to receive my materials?

Once approved, your requested WPS materials should arrive within 7 to 10 business days.  

Why do I need to purchase test forms, if there is already a copy of the form in the manual?

The short answer is you only need to purchase tests if you are going to use them in actual administration. Note that when you purchase a test manual or test form from WPS, the material will bear a notice similar to the following: "Copyright (c) 2012 by Western Psychological Services. Not to be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. All rights reserved."                   A longer answer is that when you purchase a test manual or test form from...

How do I receive permission to use a WPS test product for application in a scholarly study?

Click here to download a PDF of a standard letter of permission for use of WPS proprietary materials in a scholarly study. If your institution requires you to have a standard permission letter addressed specifically to you, please contact

I'm an instructor considering adopting a test for use in my class. Can I get a sample copy?

WPS is committed to supporting instructors interested in teaching WPS assessments in their graduate school classes. Please be sure you are requesting a product published by WPS (identified by a "W-" product number, e.g. W-472). Read More...

Educational Discount for Ongoing Courses Application

Complete the Educational Discount for Ongoing Courses Application if you would like to apply for an Educational Discount ranging from 20% to 50% off the single-unit cost of WPS-published test materials needed for use in graduate training classes and other qualified educational programs.

How do I get a discount for research purposes?

For information about the WPS Research Discount (for use of WPS-published materials in time-stamped, peer-reviewed scientific investigation), including an on-line application form, please click here When your discount is approved, you will receive a special code that you will use to invoke your particular discount arrangement on any given WPS order, through the discount’s expiration date. As a general reference, the WPS Research Discount is usually 50% off the cost of per-use computerized scoring materials, and 20% off the cost of test kits and...

I'm a student and need a sample form for my dissertation or project. Can you help?

Start by checking with the psychology library at your school; they oftentimes have sample kits that you can review. You can also find Sample Form downloads showing a few items on most WPS assessment pages. These links are located on the upper right section of a product’s main page. If you need the entire form, then you will have to purchase the materials. (Please note that most test materials are restricted to individuals with advanced credentials based on education, training and/or experience. Your professor may have to assist you in purchasing...

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