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Why do I need to purchase test forms, if there is already a copy of the form in the manual?

The short answer is that you only need to purchase tests if you are going to use them in actual administration. Note that when you purchase a test manual or test form from WPS, the material will bear a notice similar to the following: "Copyright © 2012 by Western Psychological Services. Not to be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. All rights reserved." Read More...

How do I receive permission to use a WPS test product for application in a scholarly study?

Click here to download a PDF of a standard letter of permission for use of WPS proprietary materials in a scholarly study. If your institution requires you to have a standard permission letter addressed specifically to you, please contact rights@wpspublish.com.

How do I get a discount for research purposes?

For information about the WPS Research Discount (for use of WPS-published materials in time-stamped, peer-reviewed scientific investigation), including an application form, please click here.

How do I get a discount for educational purposes?

For information about the WPS Educational Discount against any given order, please click here. When your discount is approved, you will receive a quote, good for 60 days and including all applicable discounts, that you can use to complete your order directly through WPS Customer Service (as will be detailed on your quote). Read More...

How do I get a discount if I’m an independent trainer?

The WPS Independent Trainer Discount is designed primarily for independent trainers of specialized tests such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) and Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (ADI-R); Learn more about Independent Trainer Discount...

What is WPS’s policy on including test items within a scholarly paper, such as a journal article?

Click here to download a .pdf of a standard letter on WPS’s policy regarding inclusion of test items within scholarly papers. Any questions or follow-up contacts in this regard should be directed to rights@wpspublish.com.

How do I get permission to give a copy of a test for IRB purposes?

To receive permission and/or a sample copy of a WPS test for such purposes, please email WPS Rights & Permissions directly (rights@wpspublish.com). Be sure to provide the specific purpose of the request, as well as brief details regarding the purpose of the project, and your relationship to it.

How do I get permission to include test materials within a textbook or handbook?

For information regarding the inclusion of test materials within a textbook or handbook, email WPS Rights & Permissions directly (rights@wpspublish.com). Please provide a sample of the material you seek to reprint, and the name of the publication in which you seek to include it (including specific edition as applicable), along with the name of the publisher, estimated publication date, and estimated print run.

I want to determine if a test is suitable for use: Can I receive a sample copy?

WPS strongly suggests you acquire that test instrument’s manual or handbook for its full and proper review, noting that the vast majority of our manuals/handbooks contain full samples of the instrument, along with comprehensive discussions of the measure’s development, administration, scoring, and interpretation. If you are conducting a scholarly, peer-reviewed study, you may qualify for a WPS Research Discount for purchase of the manual; Click here for information on how to apply, noting that the discount must be secured in advance ...

What if I want to share a copy of a test? In other words, what is WPS’s position on copying tests?

As a publisher and distributor of professional assessment materials, WPS discourages the dissemination of psychological tests to those not qualified to use and interpret them. It is our position that only qualified mental health professionals should have direct access to raw test data, test questions, answer sheets, scoring keys, and interpretive materials, and that psychological assessment materials should be withheld from the public record. If a person believes that s/he requires access to these materials, and that person is not a qualified mental...

Can a parent have a copy of a test?

WPS appreciates and values the role of parents and guardians in this process; many of us who work at WPS are also parents. However, we strongly discourage dissemination of psychological tests to those not qualified to use and interpret them. Read More...

What if I’m asked to copy test materials as part of a court case?

WPS’s strong position is that only qualified helping professionals should have direct access to raw test data, test items, answer sheets, scoring keys, and interpretive materials such as would be found in a test manual. WPS does not intend to interfere with court orders, but we urge the court to act responsibly by making psychological test materials available only to qualified helping professionals who have a legitimate need to review those materials for the purposes of a given case. If attorneys or other individuals related to the case require...

How do I receive permission to photocopy or otherwise adapt a test?

WPS can permit reprints, adaptations, and translations made by qualified researchers and organizations who first secure proper written authorization from WPS Rights & Permissions, under permission arrangements that are subject as necessary to payment of license fees to WPS. Preferred scholarly arrangements are available to qualified scientific investigators who are conducting peer-reviewed study through an accredited university or other scholarly institution conducting not-for-profit study. Contact WPS Rights & Permissions for details securing...

Is it permitted to copy test materials for use if I purchase (or already have) original forms?

WPS strongly discourages this practice. If you have a scientific, research-based or practice-based need that prevents you from using original, WPS-published materials, please contact rights@wpspublish.com to learn of the pre-approved, per-use licensing options that might be available to accommodate your particular needs.

Does WPS offer any Spanish language material?

WPS does offer selected titles in Spanish translation. For information on which materials are available in Spanish from WPS (www.wpspublish.com), just type “Spanish” in that website’s search bar. Selected WPS titles, along with many other titles, are published in Spanish under WPS contract by the following companies: Editorial Manual Moderno of Mexico City (www.manualmoderno.com) TEA Ediciones, S.A. of Madrid (www.teaediciones.com)

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