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What is the difference between Form A and B?

Form A begins at age 3 for LC/OE and Age 5 for RC/WE. Form B begins at age 5 for all scales. Aside from the starting age, the forms are parallel and can be used interchangeably. Form B can be given immediately after Form A (or vice versa) if there is a reason to do so.

Why aren't there Form B kits?

Most individuals will begin with Form A and will purchase Form B for follow-up testing. Form B uses the same manuals as Form A and therefore the only materials needed for Form B are the easels, record forms, and WE response booklet. These materials are sold as "packs."

What does the scoring software do?

The scoring software provides all of the score conversions and a narrative summary. It also provides a detailed item analysis.

I bought the original OWLS recently. How long is it still good for and when will I need to switch?

The new version does not automatically invalidate the original, and we understand that it can take some time to transition to a new version. That said, ethical guidelines for most professional organizations state that the most up-to-date tests should be used. There is no specific timeframe, but we recommend switching to the new version as soon as possible.

Will the new software support the old test?

No, the new software is only for the OWLS-II.

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