Learning to use the ADOS-2 and diagnosing autism spectrum disorders are two different professional activities. The ADOS-2 training is designed to help professionals learn to competently administer and score the ADOS-2. It is the first step toward that end—becoming fully competent on the ADOS-2 itself requires additional practice beyond the initial training. The ADOS-2 training is not a comprehensive curriculum in autism spectrum diagnosis. Autism spectrum diagnosis involves much more than administration of the ADOS-2; it typically involves a multidisciplinary evaluation of multiple areas of a child’s functioning, of which the ADOS-2 is just one piece.

The ADOS-2 is used in several kinds of practice. In each, the test user's credentials must match the purpose of the use. For example, a medical diagnosis requires a license, such as that of a medical doctor or clinical psychologist; a special education qualification requires a locally recognized license or credential, such as that of a school psychologist; and so on. The ADOS-2 can also be used for purposes other than making a diagnosis. For example, occupational therapists and speech and hearing professionals often use the ADOS-2 for treatment planning and program evaluation. Some speech and hearing specialists also use the ADOS-2 for early childhood screening and program qualification, as mandated by the state where they practice. It may be helpful to check with your local mental health licensing agency, and with colleagues who diagnose autism in your area of practice, with additional questions along these lines.

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